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Call on POSproviders for New, Refurbished, and Used IBM Netfinity and xSeries servers

Whether your goal is to stretch your IT resources or to acquire equipment that is no longer available new, POSproviders is a partner you can trust. We work hard to maintain one of the broadest, most complete IBM xSeries inventories available anywhere.

For complete refurbished or used IBM Netfinity and xSeries computer server solutions, POSproviders offers great value and availability.  We offer a full line of refurbished or used xSeries systems, features, upgrades, parts, servers, and repair, all backed by over 30 years of experience and customer satisfaction.

Product Information: Refurbished and Used IBM Netfinity and xSeries Servers

New, Refurbished, and Used Netfinity Tower Servers

Netfinity 3000 Servers 8476-10U, 8476-11U, 8476-15U, 8476-16U, 8476-20U, 8476-21U, 8476-30U, 8476-31U, 8476-40U, 8476-41U, 8476-50U, 8476-51U, 8476-60U, 8476-61U, 8476-70U, 8476-71U, 8476-72U 8476-80U, 8476-81U, 8476-82U, 8476-83U 8476-90U, 8476-91U
Netfinity 3500 Servers 8644-10U, 8644-20U, 8644-21U, 8644-30U
Netfinity 3500 M10Servers 8655-11Y, 8655-12Y, 8655-21Y, 8655-22Y, 8655-31Y, 8655-32Y
Netfinity 3500 M20Servers 8657-21Y, 8657-22Y, 8657-31Y, 8657-32Y, 8657-41Y, 8657-42Y
Netfinity 5000 Servers 8659-11Y, 8659-21Y, 8659-31Y, 8659-41Y, 8659-51Y, 8659-61Y, 8659-71Y
Netfinity 5100 Servers 8658-11Y, 8658-31Y, 8658-41Y, 8658-51Y, 8658-61Y, 8658-71Y, 8658-81Y
Netfinity 5500 M20 Servers 8662-21Y, 8662-31Y, 8662-41Y, 8662-51Y, 8662-61Y
Netfinity 5600 Servers 8664-11Y, 8664-21Y, 8664-31Y, 8664-41Y, 8664-51Y, 8664-61Y, 8664-71Y

New, Refurbished, and Used xSeries Tower Servers

xSeries 200 Servers 8478-10X, 8478-11X, 8478-12X, 8478-20X, 8478-21X, 8478-22X, 8478-30X, 8478-31X, 8478-40X, 8478-41X, 8478-50X, 8478-51X, 8478-60X, 8478-61X, 8478-70X, 8478-71X, 8479-10X, 8479-11X, 8479-31X, 8479-40X, 8479-41X, 8479-50X, 8479-51X, 8479-60X, 8479-61X, 8481-11X, 8481-21X, 8481-31X
xSeries 205 Servers 8480-13X, 8480-22X, 8480-23X, 8480-2AX, 8480-32X, 8480-33X, 8480-3AX, 8480-42X, 8480-43X, 8480-4AX, 8480-52X, 8480-53X, 8480-5AX, 8480-62X, 8480-63X, 8480-6AX, 8480-94X, 8480-93X, 8480-95X
xSeries 206 Servers 8482-11X, 8482-14X, 8482-15X, 8482-21X, 8482-24X, 8482-25X, 8482-31X, 8482-34X, 8482-35X, 8482-41X, 8482-44X, 8482-45X, 8482-91X,
xSeries 220 Servers 8645-21X, 8645-22X, 8645-2AX, 8645-31X, 8645-32X, 8645-34X, 8645-3AX, 8645-41X, 8645-41Y, 8645-42X, 8645-4AX, 8645-51X, 8645-52X, 8645-5AX, 8646-21X, 8646-2AX, 8646-31X, 8646-3AX, 8646-41X, 8646-4AX, 8646-51X, 8646-5AX
xSeries 225 Servers 8647-22X, 8647-2AX, 8647-32X, 8647-3AX, 8647-3BX, 8647-42X, 8647-4AX, 8647-4BX, 8647-52X, 8647-5AX, 8647-5BX, 8647-62X, 8647-6AX, 8647-6BX, 8649-42X, 8649-4AX, 8649-4BX, 8649-52X, 8649-5AX, 8649-5BX, 8649-62X, 8649-6AX, 8649-6BX
xSeries 230 Servers 8658-61Y
xSeries 232 Servers 8668-11X, 8668-21X, 8668-22X, 8668-24X, 8668-41X, 8668-42X, 8668-44X, 8668-54X
xSeries 235 Servers 8671-11X, 8671-1AX, 8671-21X, 8671-2AX, 8671-31X, 8671-3AX, 8671-41X, 8671-4AX, 8671-61X, 8671-6AX, 8671-81X, 8671-8AX, 8671-G1X, 8671-GAX, 8671-K1X, 8671-KAX, 8671-L1X, 8671-LAX, 8671-M1X, 8671-MAX
xSeries 240 Servers 8664-73X, 8664-81Y
xSeries 250 Servers 8665-61Y, 8665-71Y, 8665-81Y
xSeries 255 Servers 8685-11X, 86851RX, 8685-21X, 8685-31X, 8685-41X, 8685-51X, 8685-61X, 8685-71X, 8685-72X, 8685-73X, 8685-81X, 8685-91X
eSeries 325Servers 8835-21X, 8835-22X, 8835-31X, 8835-32X, 8835-51X, 8835-52X, 8835-5DX, 8835-61X, 8835-62X

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Repairs Depot Maintenance Asset Recovery Leasing

Immediate availability - Fast shipments from our extensive new and used inventory of IBM Netfinity and xSeries systems, features and parts.

Expert advice  - Our IBM Netfinity and xSeries experts are trained with an emphasis on design and  configuration for specific application requirements to help maximize performance.  

High quality  -  All used IBM Netfinity and xSeries products are tested, cleaned, configured, and staged at our state-of-the-art facilities for reliability you can count on. We guarantee eligibility for OEM maintenance on all refurbished equipment.

Special Shipping - Shipments are foam packed and/or palletized to avoid damage in transit.  Priority, next day, and counter-to-counter deliveries are available, and most orders are shipped within 48 hours.  

Financial flexibility - We work hard to bring you the right IBM Netfinity and xSeries equipment at the right price. Besides lease and purchase options, we can reduce your cost by taking trade-ins.

Guaranteed - Standard IBM Netfinity and xSeries parts & labor warranty for new products.  Used Netfinity and xSeries products are eligible for manufacturer's maintenance. 

Contact us today for more information on
refurbished and used IBM Netfinity and xSeries servers!


Our staff of IBM Netfinity and xSeries server specialists are ready to help you in design and configuration planning.For immediate configuration pricing please complete our Quick Quote or call

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